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Our Synagogue symbolises the living miracle of the Jewish people. Despite the hard times that the Jewish community in Estonia had to face, we are still living. During World War II, all Jews as well as all synagogues and prayer-houses in Estonia were destroyed. During the Soviet times, the religious life here was prohibited. And still now we built the new Tallinn Synagogue and the Jewish life therein is flourishing.

Tallinn Synagogue is the heart of Jewish life in Estonia, and we organize numerous events for people of different ages and coming from different social groups.
We view the current objective of the Jewish Community in taking the Jews back to their historical roots and thereby strengthening the Jewish identity.
This task may be fulfilled only with the help of old Jewish tradition – all Jews support one another.

The local members of the Community have no opportunity to fund the necessary events in full. With the help of the funds coming from individual sponsors and various Jewish organizations for whom charity is not meaningless, we have gained the opportunity to build Tallinn Synagogue and lay the foundations of the Jewish life in Estonia. However, there is still lots of work ahead, which requires new expenses.
We offer you the chance to become active participants in this work.


The services time is:


Sunday 9:00 am  

Monday - Friday 8:15 am

Monday and Thursday at 10:00 AM Golden age Minyan



Monday and Thursday at 6:45 PM - after Shiur in the Beit - Midrash (at the 4th floor) 

Kabalat Shabbat

Sumer time: 8:30 PM  

Shabbat morning  10:00 AM


Shabat meal


Rabbi Shmuel and Rabanit Chanie Kot, will be happy to welcome you, but please register in advance.


During Jewish Holidays there are Services and Holiday meals. 


For more information please contact Rabbi Shmuel Kot,
the chief rabbi of Estonia


The Jewish Religious Community of Estonia

Karu 16, Tallinn 10120 Estonia

Phone:   +372 6644370 

Fax:     +372 662 3001

E-mail:  [email protected]

Web:    www.ejc.ee