For now we have only one ordering Kosher food place in Tallinn:


You can Pre Order Kosher food service at the synagogue:

  [email protected]



More Kosher Prudocts you can find in The Store at Synaguge:


Many Kosher Products you can find at local stores:


  • 'Labur' company - those with the letter K wrriten near the Best Before Date.
  • Order on Tuesday Fresh Kosher bread from


  • Barilla with OU symbol
  • .Reggia with OU symbol


Canola: Olivia Eesti Rapsioli.

Olive: 'Borges' with OU Symbol.

Salmon fish:

M. V. Wool company

Kellogg's - With Kosher Symbol on it.

Kikoman - soy sauce.

Coconut milk - Kara classic, With Kosher symbol.

Hummus chips - With Kosher symbol.